Monday, January 28, 2013

Musical Random Thoughts

Ever since I was young I used to play with the Backstreet boys in my neighborhood we were about 5ive. I wasn't found of playing with kids of my same gender especially those Spice girls they used to bug me all the time..
After a while we moved west.. it wasn't very easy to cope with the new Westlife, I heard it was only desert full of Eagles , Scorpions and Beatles but  what I found was completely different it was full of trees and wild plants they even had a festival called Greenday. I became crazy about Cranberries and Red hot chili peppers.
They all followed a certain Creed that they believed in, however a part of me was still attached to the past so I always put all my memories and dreams in a Nightwish before I sleep then I wake up and it all Evanescence. 

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