Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear All:

i'm sry i've been away for along time , but i'm so busy n'exhausted =( colg is taking all of my time , i can hardly sleep or eat...still didn't start studying for the final exams...which is going to be on 30th dec. and i'll be done on 15th jan isA.

so happy Eid everyone and happy new yr in advance =)..i've missed my blog and everyone around..sry tht i'm not here but i promise tht i'll be there soon isA and check wht i missed.

I wish i was a butterfly:

rabena ye3enk sweetie and really no need to apologize el mohem tht u feel better soon isA...we isA we'll have a chance to talk soon...rabena ma3aki ana bad3elk bgad =).

i miss everything even myself...all i need is ur prayers for now plz

thnx everyone

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