Friday, December 21, 2007

Life is like a teacher u never stop learning from it, i've been looking at my life l8ly and i kinda lol abt it...loads of things happend and many are coming up.
why am i riting this? don't ask

today the sky was so was the best blue colour i've even seen in my blue like sea, i couldn't stop staring at the cloudes either...
6 october is really a gr8 place for meditation...every single day. it makes me feel i wanna hug the space..
few hours was raining...i stood in the rain, never felt the cold, i felt i was washing my self..from the past maybe or might be from the present.
i've always loved this word...
also Meditation
Chaos *i don't know why*
I am Human...i noticed tht recently...i breathe...i feel..wait a sec. wht did i say..i feel?..FEEL, wht does feel mean? feeling?
how do we feel? does everyone FEEL?
does everyone feel pain , love , care or even hate? like when u hit someone..kiss someone or even hug...isn't tht sweet?...wht does sweet means? how does it taste in our minds or hearts...
wht am i saying?

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