Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Once upon a winter

there was a time where the sun and earth met, in a cold march day it was raining....
earth was nearly dead but sun saved him and warmed him up with her rays.
he woke up on her smile and they both walked btween the stars.... they never stoped talking abt their dreams ,their hopes and their sorrows.
from this point the both knew tht they should rejoin and unite themselves togthere , but they both were confused she is a sun and he is earth it's hard 4 a 2 different worlds to be togther there will be many things facing them r they ready enf for them?.
earth calmed her down and kissed away her worries and pain, sun didn't want to believe him...but the look in his eyes made her feel safe.
they both 4got their worries and their old pain disolve away...both completed one another...she with her love rays and he with his warm care... she forgot she was sun and he forgot he was earth as if they were a one new creature. they walked away from their world and build their own one fantasy one.
after sometime, both lost directions ,confusion and worries came back , earth realized tht he IS earth and she is sun , he tried to tell sun but she's the one who was trying to comfort him this time he walked btw the stars and clouds he kept thinking and thinking , till he took a decision by him self without sharing it with sun and told her tht he'll be bk to his world without saying anyother word and left her with a question mark...
he walked away , away from her till the nxt winter came and another more 2, and the memory of sun vanished..
earth moved on in the world of real passing by stars and planets he became more light and full of life and shined brightly btw the others.
he never knew tht sun was all over around him giving him all the light and warm he needs and pouring some rain from her tears , he never knew tht the rainbow was becoz of her (after he left her she turned into red and lost her rays but the space saved her and the rainbow was due to her blood and tears )
tht was the end of two different worlds who can never be united except in fantasy , the sun can never touch the earth....

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