Monday, January 15, 2007

I was studying with my friend mona today ( we were suppose to be studying but we kept talking more lol) and we came out with a theory hehe:

1- When a guy says" my mom...." : he's a sissy boy or in another word * beta3 mamto awi*

2-when a guy says" give it a try....." : don't listen to tht =D or in a better way NEVER.

3- when a guy says" i want to be honest with u..." : sorry but don't believe him

4- when a guy birthday is in the same month of urs: balash a7san =D

well, this theory was made after long laughing and too much of pepsi cans =D , but we some how knew it's true maybe with not all of guys...but plenty numbers of them =D


Inji said...

Oh boring =P

SunShine said...

yeah yeah...we r still working on the theory btw , they r many things to add

IRC President said...

na3am yakhty?

Inji said...


3ayzeen dam!

SunShine said...

na3mala 3alek

SunShine said...

tht's y i need the kick boxing ya inji

IRC President said...

we kaman kick boxing? ana mosh fahem ento betfakaro ezay.

ya3ny howa el wa7ed yekhosh el nar 3ashanko? mosh fahem ana, da 7ata el mother female zayoko

ananeya :P

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