Saturday, January 06, 2007

i've been feelin' down , crying everyday with no reason . somethings confuses me mind long time ago , i went to shahinaz (oh i wanted to c her so much, damn! i feel lonely without her).
i like it when i throw my self in her shoulders and cry deeply from my heart , i can feel her hearts beats talking to me saying :" it's ok, i'm over here..just beside you."
she made me feel much better , as she told me the words i always wanted to hear , the truth tht i was dying to know , althought it kills me more from the inside but better than to live in a fake fairy tale.
now i should be in the recovery stage , gathering my self up again , letting all the old days go as if they never happened.
i'm just glad of how i felt today.
and i thank the ppl who loves me for who am i , the ppl who loved me without flashy titles or a million dollars in the bank. most of all i'm happy with my self coz i'm atleast a human being and tht is a feelings tht some other creatures doesn't know the value of.
finally i'd thank God milllion times for being there with me , guiding me to the right direction no matter wht his poor humans says abt me just damn them !.
i'll try to start a fresh new start as the new yr does

Happy 2007


Gotcha said...

Once , my prof.( Psychologist ) told me :
Nowadays , the truth is always the worst thing in the world ..
and it always hurts when we know it ..
but does that mean that we are living in FAKE :)
Actually , I cudn't know what he was getting at :D
but I cudn't neither ask him abut it ..
but I felt eny 3ayz a2olha hena w 5alas

SunShine said...

=D thnx alot for sharing tht