Tuesday, December 05, 2006

oh God =( i can't feel my hands or mind anymore , or i feel more like...when, where, who and why....
looool i think i'm nuts yes i am...so very much nuts (wht does tht mean anyways loool)
ummm , yeah i wanna sleep but no time...no time for sleeping tht's funny!!!!
since when sleeping is a waste of time??? since i entered 3rd grade =D heheh
wht else....
oh food yes food...i got tht human being can live without eating for LOADS of days =D, guess wht! i proved this theory LIVE!. ummmm but i think it caused anemia loool.
i don't know wht the hell i'm writing !!!
y am i writing!!!!!
as if i have plenty of time to do so =D
my head is hurting.....
ouch!everything is hurting!!!

i'll go now.

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