Saturday, October 07, 2006

Too bad tht sweet feelings don't remain forever....
ppl change and some of them leaves u hanging ,wishing u can find the persn u loved once more.
but they shock u by forgetting, as if nothing happened , as if u were a shadow.
maybe it's fate....
or maybe they still don't know how they meant to u.
one day they will know...and maybe regret for letting u go.
it's hard for me to turst one of the sweetest feelings from someone again. i even some times feel it doesn't exists.
No more " I love u" as the songs says lol.
no more tears
no more pain
and no more trust.


~*emy*~ said...

shams dear...people are different still...despite the fact that we all change, but some change a slight change and others as if u've never known them b4...
i can't tell you u should regain your faith and trust in people again...coz i've been there and i know those words will seem useless...
just believe that one day u'll have trust again...
when you find the people who are really worth your trust
I love that quote that says: "Never Cry coz no one's worth your tears, and even the ones who are worth it, will never make you cry :)"
Cheer up ya gameela :)

mohamed said...

actually shams true feelings do remain forever, leaving is just another part of life, but dont be hasty in ur judgment, so many times wat seems to be going away,is just a brief break,mostly for your sake....

the forgetting is not an option taking it from someone who tried it.... and you shams..out of all ppl not someone to be forgotten not someone to leave or to let go even if you dont love back ..... if there is something i ve learned about you and known about those who know u is ....your love is the most precious thing anyone can ever have ,its the most precious thing i can ever have.

i belive shams that love is a risk, fear is normal in a risk if you didnt you wouldnt be normal coz ur compromising something steady for something u have no idea how it will turn out

however its a two sided issue not one so its a should be willing to say i love you and even more feel it ...restraining it wont be healthy for either side of the relationship

the feeling exist dear shams,greatly and deeply in every aspect of life as u look probably from everyone to everyone in its diffrent manners inculiding the one you mean

as i told another friend of mine a life without tears a life without sadness without pain is not life .... life is nothing but a mixture of alternating feelings even completely opposite ones all together

dont say i wont love anymore because you will just promise to trust your heart because after all feelings are energy you give them to those you care for just like a gift but from the heart

and trust ...... because sometimes faith and trust are the only things you have left and dreams are all you have to give till a change happens

your as always for always

mohamed said...

and i would like to add that i agree with the quote of eman even though whoever said it stole my idea =D

cheer up shams

SunShine said...

thnx dearest eman :)
really u've always been there for me when i'm tht down =D
maybe u right i might trust and have faith again but...nothing is really helping me here...
believe it or not but i'm not crying over someone...i'm crying over my self...i feel bad for me..maybe it's coz i give ppl more than they deserve...or maybe i just love ppl awi awi =D lol
dunno...i need to get a life i guess =D
really ur comment meant alot to me dear bgad thnx

Mohamed =)

it's been along time...many ppl steal ur ideas huh!
maybe i didn't find tht true feeling yet?
maybe i wont find it aslan.... i do love ppl already...
i love my parents
i love God
and my sisters
and family
also my best friends
bas to tell u the truth....i only trust God...i even don't trust my self sometimes...

thnx both of u =) and don't worry abt me.... ayam we ben3eshha 3ala ra2y amr diab =D