Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For the first time ever..... ANA ETSHA3LA2T FEL MINIBUS!
me and my friends wanted to go home after was 3:00pm , so it was egypt's rush crowdy hour. no taxi , no anything to was a hotty ramadan day, we kept standing till.... it was almost 4:30 pm.
God! we gotta go home!!! we were so tired after a long day starting from 7 am, so we were so sleepy , tired and everything u can imagine.
we r still standing looking for ANYTHING we can ride, as me and my friend fed up, she graped my hand and we jumped into a minibus then i realized tht i'm hanging in it with one foot on the front stair and one hand holding the door :S.
it was really nice to feel the air from everywhere :D it's like a....big window lol. but as we were in ramadan and ppl were acting to be kind and helpfull they helped me to go into the minibus and then a guy offered his seat =D.
i was so lucky tht day i even knew tht the minibus was going to a place near my home =D and tht was pretty amazing for me!! finaly i'm going home!!!
after i got home and break my fast, i thought for a while.... i felt so sorry for the ppl who have to suffer everyday in the's really HELL!
i was so happy telling my mom abt my journey tht day =D..but...she...SCREAMED AT ME... =D bagad she paniced and asked me never ever to do tht again!! and i'd rather walk than to do tht once again =D.
i don't have to tell u wht did dad say abt it!! lol =D

egypt's trafic....i hate u :)

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Inji said...

LOOOOOOOOOL...ya 7ayaam :P