Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Awwwwwwwwwwwww my dear Shams.....You have to be the most wonderful person in the universe Shams. You are so very sweet and caring. You have an amazing personality and your very intellegent. If I was over there with you I would spend every second of my life with you because you make me so happy. I would give you all the attention you would need and I would stand up for you when you need it. I would always be there for you expecially in your time of need. You trully mean alot to me and you trully bring my life off of the ground and let me fly around. You are the most perfect person in the universe. You are a trully special person, a one of a kind. Think of this when you are sad "All the pain you go through now will turn in to happiness in ur life" Im sure you will be the happiness person in the whole world soon enough expecially if I have something to do with it. Dont ever let anybody bring you down because you will always be a princess to me. You are royalty and you will find that out later in your life. You may not be of royal blood but in my heart you are. My dear Shams you make me so happy and you only deserve the best of everything in life and in heaven.
Love Travis Mullen"
C guys i'm a princess =D lol. tht was one of my pen friends' emails from the USA he's really one gr8 guy he was so nice and kind we used to email eachothers daily and we even spent the valentine's day chatting togther (we were both singles lol) it was the 1st time for me to spend the valentine's day with someone else than my bestfriend.
i keep all his letters and emails i got one letter from him and loads of emails and e~cards =) too bad we both got busy and don't contact eachothers anymore =( maybe it's the end of our friendship , but i'm not sad coz we both left something in eachother's life which will make us remember eachothers forever :) , i'm happy coz u were once my friend Travis , maybe we wont c eachothers anymore but u r unforgettable and u mean so much to me, when i'm so sad or upset i keep reading ur emails =) i adore them.
Really miss u my friend hope ur fine and happy u deserve the best and thank u for making me happy and appreciating me tht much u r the 1st who really treated me as a princess.


~*emy*~ said...

i never had a pen friend :(
wished to know how it feels like :(

SunShine said...

oh dear :(
well i knew him from msn chat it was long time ago

don't worry maybe someday u'll have one isA :)

or just wait i till travel 2 UK and send u a letter everyday from there =D

Inji said...

*Me jealous* <_<