Sunday, December 30, 2012

Random thoughts

I part of my life time book will end soon,
as a new chapter of me will start.
2013 is almost here, elhamdolelah i've achieved all my dreams i had in 2011 and 2012 and exactly the way i wanted them to be.
i never thought i'd become a teacher and to the exact students i wished to teach =) , i;ve learnt from the best teachers. i never thought i'd buy a car on my own, and i did bought my own car with my own money.
even those little things i wished for God made me get everything i want :'). on the other hand i've learnt allot of things on the way, i've lost some people along..but i realized that it worth it at the end however i gained some new people too who is also worth it elhamdolelah.
and by the ending of 2012 and beginning of 2013 i started to figure my new dreams, and it's going to be 2 things tht i'll wish for all day and night, one of them is visiting the beloved "Mecca" and the 2nd will stay in my heart till i can reveal it, i'll keep it sincerely until i reach it ,i'll have all the faith and yaqen that God will give it to me inshaAllah just on the right time =)
and as my biology teacher used to write to me....i wish u all the wishes u wish to your self (please say ameen) 

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad 2011 and 2012 was a good year for you! I hope 2013 is just as good or even better. I read a few of your postings on the web. Please don't drive too fast. It's okay to cry for no reason at all. It may be just hormonal as that happens to me once a month as well. Be safe! Be Happy! Enjoy the up's and down's of life. Also, be realistic and don't always think that because of God this or that happened. It's because of human nature, human actions, human behavior certain things happen. You were created and now you have a choice to make the decision. Wheather right or wrong it is for you to judge. But I think people should do things that help others and helps you and helps humans, other living things, and this plant.
Today, my biggest concern is the population growth in this world. We are seeing the effects of it now. As the population grows, people need food, clothing, shelter, clean air, clean water, and jobs. I'm not sure how earth will provide all these things to humans as it has for years. If the number of humans (even animals) continue to exponentially multiply, the human race will be in big trouble. There will be a hunger for power. We have come to a stage where we all understand the right and wrong, the good and bad, but we continue living with wars and power struggle. If the human race is to survive, we must stop thinking about power and start working together to reduce population. Earth will not be able to feed everyone, especially if we continue heating up the earth (global warming).
You seem like a mature person to me, but write about these things on your blog. I think it will make it more interesting for your readers.
Enjoy life, be happy, be a little sad, be good, be satisfied with what we have.
Thanks again for writing a blog!