Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reality bites

Someone's sadness can be the reason of someone else happiness. it's so true when Allah said
 "عسي ان تكرهوا شيئاً و هو خيرا لكم"
God is really great, just wait and u'll c even if things went so bad, give it sometime...things will always turn bk on ur way

When I asked u “Allahum erzokny 7obak”, u made ur love fill my heart and I became a better person. When I said 

“wa 7ob man 2a7bak”, u made me a lovable person and blessed me with amazing ppl around 
me. When I asked u 

for” 3amalen yokrbony ela 7obak” u gave me the super ability of making other ppl smile. Now, 

I’m asking u my dear God to give me the strength to face my sadness, fears and pass the hard times.

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