Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random thoughts

it feels more like hitting the ground and all of a sudden u found ur self wounded so bad. yet u try getting up standing back on the ground =)
i admit being a fool sometimes, perhaps making the same mistakes again. but with every mistake we learn something, something that change our life forever...mostly make us better ppl.
i learnt to believe more in my self, to wait for the good and handle the bad. everything ends even the hard times.
i learnt to surrender my self for God, i trust him, i completely have a strong faith tht he will do the best for me. even if i don't c it clear enf =)
i learnt to give everything and do not wait or expect anything in return.
i learnt to depend on my self, solve my own problems by my self in case i couldn't find someone beside me one day. i wont wait for someone

i love life....but miss jannah!

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