Monday, February 07, 2011

Me,after the 25th (part 2)

Days the passing by, the situation in Egypt is still's getting better on the political side, but getting worse on the humanity side.
Everyone is almost fighting with each other, family members..friends..even best friends, isn't tht pathetic? 
we r willing to lose everyone around just coz tht they don't agree on wht we believe on or just coz they r different , isn't tht pathetic?
we can't trust anything or anyone...not our president and who know maybe not the new one...r we gonna live in doubts forever? 
we r willing to give up all the love and the happy memories...for wht? for money? for power? for a huge rage tht fill us? tht's really really pathetic.
2 days ago,i was talking to one of my friends..he was so angry and upset..i told him to cheer up and smile as it's going to be alright soon... :) he refused and seemed really down, he told me tht one of his friends who (girl) lost one of her eyes on Friday's revolution and she's living with one eye now.
 same day i heard another story abt a wife who was pregnant,sadly she lost her baby coz she was too tensed with the events and she couldn't even go to a she lost it...she lost her 1st child.
it's seems tht ppl r losing on both sides and eachone is focusing only on wht they can c. the only difference is the girl who went to the revolution went there knowing tht she might be dangerous, she's willing to give everything for her country and i really respect her for this :).
however the other lady,she was forced into something tht she didn't choose...and after all it's God's will elhamdolelah :)  

We might be getting our rights..our freedom..but i feel we r losing other things instead. we r losing our morals and ethics.
i don't only wish for the president to change...but also the ppl's attitude...they should stop cheating, lying, humiliating other, rapping, killing , stealing, disrespecting others....
i know it's hard..but wht's wrong with trying?.
i'm not an angel myself but judge ur self b4 judging others ...there r many others things we can do other than protesting.
i would give my life to my country...i'd give everything to Egypt...but if i'd never fight against my matter how bad they were, there must be another solution other than killing and cursing.
to our beloved Martyrs Peace Be Upon u all and may god rewards u with Janna <3
to the protesters in tahrir...may God replace the hate in ur heart with love
to the ppl who r not in tahrir...say ur opinion as u like..but don't ever make u lose someone u love.
to my beloved Egypt...i'm sry for wht we all did to u, for wht we became


Lena FM said...

Please stay strong...

L.W.N said...

look sunshine my mum went el tahrir square one day
and she was never harmed and she swear to god that no men could even touch her shopulders from you know the crowd
the peaple who u are talking about are no longer humman any more they are crminals ,who ran from laws and who killed before and murredered innucot ,so the reall peaple who are real eygptions are not losing there humanty nor there ethics they are by what they are doing now earning there degnity and courge again ,and there is no reson to be scared nor to be worried instead you should be brave and strong ,cheerfull,and happy

L.W.N said...

look sunshine
the people who are doing all these stuff are the people who are not egyption any more who are crimminels who were in prison fopr murrduring and killing ,they are no lounger humman anymore
as for the real peaple who are in tahrir are the real eygptions and they are by doing these actions are earning there dugnity and there courge ,and that day had to come soon or later and people who witnessend that day are lucky and bleesed and the people who died are hounnered to die in that way for there own country,who good is that???
and for you to know my mum went to el tahrir square and nothing happened to her instead she wanted me and my little sister to go there