Monday, August 09, 2010

Reality bites

today and yesterday wasn't so good for me, i really feel so bad... i'm on the edge of losing a gr8 friend of mine simply coz i'm telling her the truth..
it might be hard to listen to wht u don't want to believe. but i guess it much better than building fake hopes and living a big lie.
anyways, i think i'll go for wht's right...i'm not that kinda person who compliment others just to make them feel better...
maybe one day she'll understand...or maybe she'll remain hating me forever..

1 comment:

MaRaWaN said...

elle ybe3ek be3eeh w lw for free
welle maysd2kesh yb2a maystahelsh yb2a sa7bek
ente bt2ole el 7a2e2a
ya3ne msh ghaltana
w hya ele 5sretek msh ente ele 5srteeha
nvm ya ostaza w kol sana wente tayeba w ramadan kareem 3leke isA =)