Sunday, August 01, 2010

Inspired by "lovely bones"

I had a dream
I was drowning in a stream
I woke up with no pain
My body was in vain

But I can easily move around
Searching through the crowd

Waving my hands up high
Trying to make any sign
screaming out loud
But my voice vanished in the crowd
seeing people like flying ghosts
Walking through a fig, I'm totally lost
seeking any place to go
Where am i? and why am I here ?
I don't know
I'm still moving with the flow
Searching for some land
For someone to reach my hand
For some where safe and warm
Some place that I can call…."home"
I can see it far a
Where I stand at the edge of earth
Crossing the horizon
Till the other side of universe
Getting closer, getting near
Seems I'm almost here
In the perfect world
I finally reached heaven
I'm finally… home

:) i just wrote that today but it's still nameless i was inspired by the movie "lovely bones" it was one gr8 movie that i'll always remember

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