Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Random thoughts-16

i miss writing so much, sometims i feel tht i'm going alittle bit far of my dream. it all started with writing and end up with teaching. it not tht i hate teaching but i have my other plans.
anyways rit now i'm trying to go to the IG dep. at the school i'm working at. i am really struggling and facing lots of problems coz of tht. they think tht a 22 years old like me can't deal with older kids...and i'm looking forward to change this idea isA.
my mum is sad coz i'm not engaged till now :( and she feels i don't want ot get married coz i keep refusing the past few grooms. it's not tht i don't want to, but i still can't find the person tht i can spend my life time with...the person who can love my weird freak character as it is and enjoy my craziness
i know i'm stubborn and silly and want to make lots of things in short time and tht's almost impossible. but, this is me...yes i'm tht perosn.
i'm a weird character...yes...
i'm a girl who loves her veil, trying to be close to God as much as i can, i'm memorizing Quraan as much as i can. yet, i love music..love being with the band..metal and rock r her best genre. another side simply loves mahmoud el eseily , monier and sometimes even amr diab.
the only sport i like is wrestling and always wanted to play kick boxing...and LOVES doing yoga.
although seems quite and innocent...i love horror movies, i got my self a bike...and yes i ride it outside the house.
i don't like cats like most of the gurls, i'm in love with DOGS...and i don't put on make up even when going to interviews..
i like doing everything and trying everything new.....i wish i can take noble prize one day... have my own magazine...and i also added improving education in egypt in my plan :).
it's hard to bare all this and i think egypt is out of extra ordinary guys
... lol although it's me but i wouldn't like to live with a person like tht :D

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