Saturday, June 05, 2010

Random thoughts-15

today was really so weird although i was so happy and had so much fun...i brust into tears at the end of the day.
i feel my life is only a waste of time, i hate to be tht frustrated but my life been a totally messed up. i'm torned btw too many things tht it makes me so confused. i'm not sure if teaching is my field or shall i try something else. right now all the doors r seems to be closed in my face.
i wish i could a journalist as i've always wanted to be. i'm really happy with my writing as a freelance...but i was waiting for much more...riting interesting articles...being wanted by international magazines....having my own column and having my own magazine one day.
i'm almost 23 and still in the middle of nowhere, i wish i could reach wht i want in a very young age.
nothing is impossible, but sometimes life stuck things in ur way and u have to take sometimes to stand on ur feets.
right now i feel i should whtever i'm doing and have a big break before my negativity ruine others....
please God please don't leave me

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