Monday, February 15, 2010

Random thoughts-8

i wonder where did the ppl who care abt the inside more than the out side go?.
ummm... resently i've realized that i'm really blessed, i thank God for making me the way i am, for giving me such wonderfull things...such brain...such soul...such heart.
i'm much better than many other people around the world..i have my hands and legs, i can read, write , communicate , learn and feel...many many things to mention.
i'm so happy and pleased with everything i have...really "elhamdolelah".
i'm happy i wasnt born beautiful or rich or famous.
my friends loves me the way i dogs loved parents and family loves me, and most of all if God didn't love me , he wouldn't have created me.
too bad some people judge us for not being what they wanted us to be.For God's sake try to use your minds clearly.
Thank you my lord for giving me everything i need and for surrounding me with such amazing peopl and angels , i hope i worth all of this.

1 comment:

MaRaWaN said...

el7amdo lellah
bgd post gameelah gedan la2enaha basee6a w 6al3a mn el 2alb
f3lan n3m rabena kteera w testahel el 7amd
u rock shams :)