Friday, February 12, 2010

Random thought-7

i've been thinking alot latly,i don't know why i still think of you as if i lost you yesterday.anyway after letting it on more time *and i hope it's the last* , it's seems better to keep it tht way. thinking that we didn't belong in this world, nothing we can do except for moving on keeping our memories boxed up safe in our hearts. letting it out whenever we feel tht we miss eachothers.i don't wanna waste my life thinking "was it really meant to be or not" coz if it was it, u'd probably still b here.
i'm glad with the person i am now, despite the bad side, but u left me a part of u tht grew up within me.
i wont wonder if this thought is the same to you or not, but i'll believe it is even if it was a lie.
now good night my beloved memories, it's time to get back inside the box.


MaRaWaN said...

3dm el la mo2a5za who r u talking 2?
sorry cuz ana msh fahem 7aga 3shan ana nayem 3la ro7e w konyt 5alas ha2fel bs 2olt shof el blog bta3tek 3shan el new

SunShine said...

:) thanks alot ya marwan...well this is one of my "before bed" thoughts it's nothing specific at all, it's ok if u didn't get them they r meaningless anway

MaRaWaN said...

before bed :)
I know that kind of thoughts
betgele kteer :)