Monday, July 06, 2009

Stranger in Egypt


A 32 years old Egyptian mum (Marwa Sherbeni) was murdered at Germany, right inside a German court, in front of her 3 years old child and her husband.
A Russian\ German man attacked her with her little son and husband, tried to pull of her veil and insulting her for being a Muslim calling her a terrorist.
He stabbed her 18 time till she died, and when her husband tried to save her the police shot him and the attacker stabbed him for 6 times as well.

Marwa died immediately and her husband is still at the hospital recovering from the accidental gunshot and stabs.
Her body arrived to Egypt today; it was a tragic incident that affected most of the Egyptian women.
How anyone could be killed like that! Why would this 3 years old child grow up without a mum, why would that man live without his beloved wife???????
Why…..why and loads of WHY's!
It's all around the idea of not accepting others…. We never thought that we are actually doing the same…

I'm stabbed too!

Marwa was a muslim woman who lived in a foreign country, died because she was different she wasn't accepted.
But I who already live in Egypt, feel not accepted as well, I'm stabbed thousand times with people's eyes…I'm shot with their insults, I'm abused in my own country only because I wear my veil and respect it.

I'm a freak!

It's like I'm a stranger in my own home, I'm rejected in different kinds of jobs because of what I wear, because of what I believe in.
I'm mistreated because some people think I'm narrow minded or simply a STUPID person who doesn't deserve to be on this planet!

I'm asking for (respect/ acceptance and appreciation)

Accept me! Because I'm a HUMAN BEING who worth living!

Accept me if I'm muslim
Accept me if I'm a female

Accept me if I'm veiled or if I wear neqab

Accept me if I'm Christian or Jewish

Accept me if I'm bahai's or What so EVER
me if I'm an arab

Accept me if I'm black

Accept me because I'm a human just like you.

more about Marwa sherbini's case read :


Noor said...

It's just so sad, and frustrating how people still think that way. I'm interested in knowing how come in the article they don't mention how was she killed in a courtroom!

allah yr7amha!

SunShine said...

oh they just didn't mention the story from the begining but u'll find it in many other news :)