Friday, July 03, 2009

My “HIStory” with M.J

if you tried to guess “Who is it?” you will certainly”Remember the time”. He was that “Man in the mirror” who left a great “Thriller”.His color doesn’t matter whether he was “Black or white” because he left great songs that simply stole the spot lights like a “Smooth criminal”.

In his “Childhood” he tried to “Heal the world” with a very loud “Scream”, and it didn’t went so “Bad” because he was “working day and night”. he challenged the “Human nature” and did his best to “Beat it”, he sung for ”Dirty Diana”and “Billie Jean” the “Librarian Girl” who wasn’t his “Girlfriend” they were “Just good friends”.

he would make you “Get on the floor” and “rock with you” all the night with his fast steps and moves until you “burn the disco out” of dancing.

One day he lost most of his “Money” ,rumors got him and said that he was “Dangerous” on kids, he roamed for a while and lived as “a stranger in Moscow” but he refused to hide “In the closet” and “Whatever happens” he decided to face his trials “Keep his faith” and ask for “One more chance”

he “give in to me” so much lovely music,now I'm “Speechless” and i “Cry because he was “Gone too soon” .

By: "Little Sussie"

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