Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random thought-3

Yesterday I went through my old things , writings…papers….cards…diaries. the funny part is I found out that I kinda right the same thing in different year , strange that I still have the same feeling.

It doesn't seem like a nice week to me, I'm afraid whenever my birthday is close that I actually kinda forgot it this year , or I'm trying not to remember it ….few days and I'll get one year older, although I've wanted to achieve many things in little time,I still didn't get anywhere closer to what I wished for.

It sometimes breaks me into pieces

It sometimes makes me feel I wanna die instead of carrying on

But I still say to myself tht I should keep going, there is no easy way, but there r people on my way who believes without even knowing me well.

Which actually surprises me, why I don't believe in myself tht much?

Why do I wanna b a journalist while I hate everything I write?

Why do I want to play music while I feel tht I suck in it?

Many things brought me down to earth tht I lost my breathe, but the angels around me lift me up.

So, I should get up now right? And show out my best…

From my the deep of my heart, I wish it's a better year.

p.s: I stole the title "random thoughts" from a dear friend of mine "missing link"who started a post once with the same title and I liked it so much, thank u a lot for it =)

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