Monday, June 08, 2009

Random thought-1

ive been lying to myself, i admit this. maybe coz i never got to let out wht i wanted to say or maybe coz u spoke directly to my heart?

i know nothing will bring us back and i have nothing to hold on with, i hate the fact tht u still cross my mind and i hate the fact tht i actually...... kinda like it

" maybe i didn't get better, but at least i'm different".

yes...i'm different...i'm stonger and became numb,sometimes i miss my old self and tht's y i sometimes miss u as well, coz u were a pretty much...part of it

i hate to tell u tht "wht goes around comes around", i have no hard feelings but it's not at easy as it seems.

"and when we meet, which i'm sure we will all what was there will be there still, i'll let it pass and hold my tongue and u will think tht i moved on"

i'm sorry i had to let this out in a way or another.

tht other day my best friend told me " ppl come to our lives for a reason, a season or a life time" and as long as u were only here for a reason u shall leave, would u?

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