Saturday, April 04, 2009

everyone should starts somewhere, i still didn’t find the perfect place to start from , but i will try to start from what i have now..maybe i can change it to b better or maybe it will lead me to another better place..

i’m just riting anything coz i don’t want to stop writing. there is so many thing inside my  mind  but i don’t know why i dont rit as much as before so.. i’ll try to rit all the things running through my head.

sometimes i don’t know wht i want?…can i really b a writer? a journalist tht rit abt ppl and for ppl?, a person who would leave sign before she dies?

i feel i’m starting to move in actually this post proves it somehow , maybe i might b slow but at least i started..

i want to rit abt blogs so wish me luck with tht , till now i haven’t think of much..but i’ll finish it b4 Wednesday isA.

befor leaving i have some questions tht i will answer l8er…

does wearing a veil contradict with being a human?

r ppl getting lamer ?

can we decide who deserves to die and who don’t?

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