Monday, November 19, 2007

I feel strange l8ly , for the 1st time I don’t think how many yrs r left till I graduate , now I’m only months away…
For the 1st time I feel tht I’m OLD..not too old..but I never noticed my age b4, I’ve always felt tht I’m a still a child…a teenage…I don’t know how to explain tht but I’ve looked at myself in the mirror…and I felt I’m a young lady…I have responsibilities.
I have a life and a future to start.
I don’t know why I got this feeling now…maybe coz I was so confused abt wht to make after graduating..i have many choices and I don’t know wht to do..and how to start.
I feel I want to make many things in the same time…
I want to make my masters
I want to keep up with the band
I want to work as an air hostess and in the same time write in a magazine
I want to learn continue my German course and take a Spanish one too.
I want to continue my Quran lessons.
I want to make an e-mag
I want to volunteer in 57357 hospital
I want to join culture wheel and make a membership
I want to join some yoga’s lessons
I want to study metaphysics online

And many many things tht rn’t on my mind now

Life is passing by so quickly , I’m afraid to die before leaving a sign , and I really hope I’d leave one…
dear i wish i was a butterfly
thnx alot dear for ur concern , =) u made my day bgad, i'm so exhausted and have lots of things to do everyday...barly find time to sleep =(..yeah colg is killing me tht's y i am away, and sadly it's not just the grad project...i feel i'm committing suicide this yr =D...
ed3ely plz hunny
thnx alot =)


dreaming pocky said...

rabena ma3aky awalan ya shamosa

abt ur topic pls don't be worry more i think there r some time before this worry
everyone feel resposibility to make a sign or make himself not only live eat , drink, and sleep must have the same feeling u have now
i think u will acheive lots of ur goals because u began thinking in it early .. i'm just think in it after my graduate when i find myself have nothing to do and this was very bad feeling
i will pray for u and also u pray for me to find wht i'm searching for and find myself

Inji said...

Good thing that you've got everything really helps alot..but try to rank them according to their priority which indicates that finishing college with high grades must come first..when you've accomplished that,which you will isA, you'll have enough time to decide which of your desires will be picked first ;)

هانى فواز said...

hiiiiiii there....i ve been interrested about your blog for along time..i found it agood one...
wht r u thinking in now we thinked in b4..
just keep your dream in your mind..&try to get worry of age elderness cuz so many poeple get wht the wanted even after along can be summed in allah's willingness& help
this words from one was in your stage 3 years ago.....please continue writting....take care....bye

Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...

Salam 'alikom Sunshine,

how r u, honey? hope u r better now.

First of all, don't panic& never think about it that way.
Second, I guess we all pass this phase in our life. before going to university& then before begining ur career life, and if u wanna change ur's so normal.

Actually I saw this post days ago, but I felt there's too much to be said. that's why I couldn't write... as I felt I'm not sure I can tell u what I mean, and anyway..I'll try& I'll write u more than once "if u don't mind" as I really wanna tell u what I think& how I dealt with the same situation 2 years ago :) (asl ana 3agooza)

look... I'll write down everything i want & send them to u. i'm v. sorry 4being late but i'm so busy these days.
If u prefer to write me ur e-mail& i tell u what i think, it's ok.

Sorry for disturbing u that much... i'll come back later isA

Take care of urself...and cheer up, girly

SunShine said...

dream pocky:
merci ya amar rabena ye5aleki =)we merci awi awi 3ala el song

it's too hard to rank them lel2asf

wsh i was butterfly:

it's ok for being l8 everyone is busy these days..rabena ma3ana kolena and sure tab3an u can rit as long as u want and ofcours u can add my email if u like =)

SunShine said...

hany fawaz:

thnx alot =) i'm glad u liked my blog really thnx for ur kind words and i hope u keep visiting it