Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i'm not there, but i'm still around
nothing changed the way i felt
and nothing will ever do
no one really crossed my mind
i still can't get over you

i thought of ending up the connection
thought it's working
but still not for me
and this thing graped your attention
made you still remember me

someday you'll know
that i'm only away for you
and eventhought i'm not there
but i'm still around
i'm still with you

for me ,you are always here
i keep you safe in my silent tears

i wish i could be there all the time
in the bad, like i was in the good
i wish it was the way i want
wash away all the pain if i could

but still it's better that way
it's better i'm not there

still, i'm around
still, i care


Banota said...

it's a nice poem my sweetie & also true sense :=) rabana ma3aky ya gamela fe el exams

SunShine said...

thnx ya otta awi awi muhaaaa

Crazy Snake 36 said...

Yeah nice poem , I like it too .

And I have to say I love these FFX pics ,Best game ever,I hope you can play it one day isA ;) .

lol tests ,Hwa fe 7ad beyzaker aslan :p .

SunShine said...

ya rab ya rab