Friday, May 25, 2007

i was talking with my sister , when she asked me.."how is ur romantic life going?". i looked at her for a while then i answered.."umm..nothing..i'm just single lol , and i think it better for me to stay tht way "i loled. she looked at me puzzled,"y would u say such a thing? u r so young for tht". "i don't know"..i answered..."i think i'm not so much suitable for such relationships..maybe it's a matter of trust…fear?..or i just lost my feelings..sumtimes i feel i'm not like before, even when i used to lock my heart...i was waiting for the endless relationship..and my charming Mr. anonymouse...but now i don't feel it anymore,maybe it was meant for me to be alone…”
my sister is still lookin at me with a stunned face…
I tried to say sumthing chilly so I said,”c’monn I have a busy life over here…all I’m concentrating in is my career and future , did u forget tht ur little sis is gonna be the best journalist and have her own best selling mag….and offcourse…I wont have much time when I go get my noble prize!!...”
I felt she was like…*yeah…rit*
But she said..”wht on earth would make u feel tht way abt ur self?”.
“nothing really”, I replied…”it’s just life u know…”, “y do u sound like a divorced woman with 2 kids? Lol” she said.
“nooo , no way I’d sound like tht =D”.
“well u gave me the feeling tht u r a 35 yrs old woman “.
“don’t worry lol, I’m forever young”.
“yes Miss 20!!!”.
“look who is talking Mrs 23 =D lol!!”.
“anyway young lady..i’m praying for u =)”.
“I know…and I appreciate tht…just don’t tell mom abt our little talk coz she might think I’m nuts or sumthing =D”.
“you are =D..but don’t worry”.



\/ampire said...

loool, Shams .. the endin is so Hilarious :D

SunShine said...
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SunShine said...

lool thnx and sry =D for the misunderstanding btw. this conv. didn't really happenened i just wrote it don't even know y :D

Duon said...

Well.. You can't have everything in the world. Sacrifices are made to balance our lives. Even Duon had to sacrifice one day.

Focus on your studies & future. Who knows?

Hard work always pay off generously in the end. You might get your shining knight as a reward.

SunShine said...

really!! u had to? would u tell me abt it?