Monday, March 12, 2007

I hate it when ppl say " i can do it , i can do it!!" , and just a mint, after..."well...ummm..uhhhh...i'm not so sure esra7a".....BET2OL LEEH MEN EL AWEL!!!!!
tht's wht he always do to us (grrrr)...yes the guy i was talking abt in my previous post!!!.
he is just someone u can't count on at all!!!..all he do is talk talk and bla bla bla talk!!!!....and i'm really sick of this!!!!. can't anyone stop tht guy!!!.

i think i'm the one who should hold my temper alittle bit, this week is so tiring , awful , short and EXHAHUSTED.
i'm tired of the many things i have to do in short time.
i'm tired of how angry my friends makes me.
i'm tired of yelling at them (and dah! they still don't listen)
i'm tired if being asked to do STUFF and STUFF for others
i'm tired of everything...... i need a break.

bas keda for today

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IRC President said...

beyfakaroony be nas :P