Friday, March 02, 2007

I ask my self this question alot...and really wish to ask it to tht person whom i hate at colg, really...enta 3abet yabny ???
i hate to hate someone or even just dislike him/her but tht boy drives me nuts...sometimes i feel i wanna kill him!!.
whenever we talk...he raises my temper and i just wish to scream at him as much as i can....he's a lier and pretender and wht we say here....3ayesh el door we 3amel nafso 7aga.
and i hate this kind of ppl esp when it's a guy...
i already quarlled with him abt 2 or 3 times.....and looking for more...esra7a it's more like...batlakeklo =D
rabena yehedeh ya rab....we i hope tht he MOVE not only from colg but from the whole WORLD.
he makes me so angry and sick.....i'm sure tht one of us will cry at the end of the year =D.
can u imagine tht I GET ANGRY!!!
ufff....i don't know wht's wrong with my blog..i can't sign in from home but i can from aother places :S...hope i can fix tht soon...
if anyone knew a solution plz plz tell me


IRC President said...

Talk yourself, express you experiences and take it out.Keeping it in just hurt yourself.

~*emy*~ said...

sob7an Allah
ana bardo men awel el nehar wana ba2ol en fe nas fel balad de 3ayza el 7ar2 :D
Begad Rabenne ye3enek we ye3een el gamee3 :D

SunShine said...

tesda2y en el 7ar2 mesh kefaya =D

Duon said...

Honestly.. Why do you actually be social with the guy while he drives you ''Almonds'' Screw him.. Treat him as he doesn't exists.. He's nothing..

Push him over the bridge or something.. Let him swim in the Nile.. I heard crocodiles are still roaming the area.. ''Brunch''

You got the will to choose who you want to talk to..

duon said...

Say hi to your ''midget'' poodles

SunShine said...

hahahaha God! ur still alive!!! sry =D
really miss u big time =), long time, no talk...

the worst thing is tht we have to communicate in many stuff in colg work :S...and i'm trying to avoid him and hold my temper as much as i can.

p.s: my poodles says hi

Duon said...

Of course.. I'm alive..That's too bad for other envious Teenstuffers who wants me dead.. Screw them :)

I miss our fights in nile fm boards.:)

I didn't even have the chance to finish commenting on your poem..

When you are working with someone that you don't favor.. You just focus on his/her potential energy to consume it for your own good..Then feed the person to the sharks or disappear from his/her life for good.. You got what you what.. Why continue?

When you deal with him.. Just make him understand for this to succeed.. we've got to have sort of co-operation even if its slightly there..

SunShine said...

i love evil plans =D