Tuesday, March 24, 2015

10 Things you can do when you move abroad and can’t work yet

I've always been a very active person; I worked as an editor in a magazine, and then worked as a teacher besides extra activities. I barely sat at my home, until I got married and had to move with my beloved husband to the United States where he lives.
It was really hard to get used to my new life, I never thought I’d stay at home and become a house wife. It was pretty boring at the beginning, doing the same thing everyday, the same routine, then I came to realize that there are so many things to do other than T.V, cooking and cleaning.

1-Who said that playstation is only for “guys”, if your husband owns a playstation 3 then it’s a treasure! There are so many nice games other than FIFA “a.k.a soccer” find yourself a good game and go on an adventure!

2-Explore the surrounding around you, wake up early and go for a walk have some nice fresh air and maybe you can put the headphones and walk along with the music (cycling would also be a great idea!).

3-If you have a car and you can drive, then you have a great opportunity to hit the road and explore more places (p.s: don't run away).

4-We never get bored of shopping do we? Just make sure to not take your husband’s VISA , coz we don’t want him to lock you inside the house.

5- Pamper yourself,if you can't go to a spa; make yourself a nice warm bubble bath with your favorite scrub, then get a new hair style with a nice dress and a bit of makeup “your husband gonna love this for sure complete the surprise with a nice dinner ;)”

6-Find yourself a nice sport that you can practice, if not you can still workout at home and get a nice healthy body.

7-Reading is really the food for mind and soul, you’d be really lucky if you have a public library or you can go buy a book every week it will really absorb your attention and will also increase you knowledge and imagination.

8-Enroll in a good course, learn a new language or skill, there are plenty of free online course one of my fav. Is www.coursera.com it has a plenty of amazing courses.

9-Volunteer in a nearby organization, charity work is one of the most activities that you would really enjoy doing, you will get to know more people and have a good social network.

10-Pick an instrument, learn how to draw or sew, Youtube is filled with many many tutorials that are very useful.

It's a common mistake that people think that being a house wife means that you don't develop or grow yourself, even if you are just sitting at home you can still do many great things,even if it's just taking care of your home and your children...that's something that can be totally remarkable and unique when you do it right =) . Hats off for all the house wives out there 

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