Monday, June 30, 2014

Blessing start

it was a great coincidence having my birthday in the 1st day of ramadan,as i always believe that ramadan represents new beginnings, here i am.. beginning fresh new...with a new age in ramadan.
i've lost so many people last year and i assure that 2014 wasn't really as best as i thought , but i'm hoping that the better is yet to come. there were many changes in my life recently and it gives me the feeling that better things are coming my way.
i feel more open and ready than before to start my own life with my own new family, it feels like i'm a new born child and the past life i had was never there, i seems that everything happened to me was long time away..long enough that it's fading gradually that makes me almost can't remember it.
i was also sparkling this year in my career, i was able to prove to myself that any dream can come true no matter how hard it was or far it seemed.
i'd say elhamdolelah hundred thousand times...actually i'd say it as much as i can for all the blessing God gave to me..
elhamdolelah for having a beloved, caring family
elhamdolelah million times..for giving me the greatest gift, the man of my life, my future husband and his family..
elhamdolelah for having supportive, helpful colleagues
elhamdolelah for having the ability to educate and guide young people
elhamdolelah for having my car =)
elhamdolelah for having so many people who makes me happy
elhamdolelah for making so many people happy
elhamdolelah for stayin alive till this moment....for every breath i take..for waking up after sleeping
elhamdolelah for realizing when i drift away from Allah...and for Him accepting me after sinning...
elhamdolelah for loving worshiping Allah...and loving His 3ebadat =)
elhamdolelah for loving Quraan and feeling its ayat =)
i can go on like this and it would take endless posts...

elhamdolelah =)

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