Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadan 2013

after the crappy ramadan i had last year it made me realize alot of important things...

-when God gives u something and u start loving it more than him..he can take it way from u, when he takes it away u'll turn back to him again and he will definitely gives u something much much better that u would regret being sad of what u lost before

-some ppl u must lose in order to have better matter how close u were...ppl change...or they just remove the mask they always kept infront of u

-don't feel sad when u lose someone..have "Yaqen" tht u weren't meant to be and the best is yet to come...maybe sooner than u'd thought trust "Allah" and enjoy the journey he'll put u in

-no one worth u being away from Allah...for the ppl who worth it will make u closer to him not far away =)

-don't wait for someone to take a step...just do it if u feel it

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