Sunday, June 16, 2013

random thoughts

it's mid of june already and i'm about to lose the sense of time. life is moving on lik an endless movie that doesn't want to pause. i had to erase a big part of my life..a part that i don't want to get back to EVER just in order to move on with my life, i hate that memories would control how my life would be so i'm gaining control, i'm trying to hold back the strings of my life
i know that God loves me when i see the love in my students eyes, really being a teacher taught me alot and made me be everything else i can wish for.
i'm glad i made a small outcome for this year...maybe it was little but it's better than nothing. i'll always rememer those little faces, i'll always remember being part of their lives as they all have part in my heart, i knew i was on the rit track with the cute words they wrote to me, esp tht one tht made me really cry" Ms. u change my life, u teach from the heart" =) i don't think there is anything more i can ask for, i'll just get ready to improve myself and do wht i can to be the teacher i wanted to c in the world.
 next year will be harder and harder but i'm trying to keep on my feet on the ground as it will be a big challenge.
i still love capturing the special moments with my mobile cam and i'm looking forward to buy a new prof cam. i'm sure i'll get it one day inshaAllah coz
for the 1st time...i feel i'm growing up...and i think i like it 

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Marwan said...

Experiences Change Lives. They really do :)
btw I missed your thoughts. what a nice thing to begin my vacation viewing ur new one :)