Sunday, November 25, 2012

Random thoughts

it was raining heavily today i stayed in the car watching the rain it was like a waterfall. i enjoy watching the water falling like this so much i can feel the bless of God around me and i feel as if its washing the world from  our sins, washes all the pain and sadness in the world.
i hate to think of the past it brings nothing but heartaches and depression, life is really too short to spend it on sadness, this is what i always tell to myself, that's why i feel i've spent my life doing everything i love, trying new things and living my life as i wanted.
i've became things i never thought i'd be, i've played guitar and even performed in small gigs, i wrote in magazines and had plenty of fans i was even hosted on radio channel before as i always wished...
its amazing how God listen to our wishes and dreams no matter how small they sounded, he never lets them down.
and now i've became an ig teachers just as i wished for , i bought a car from my own money exactly as i hoped...every little tiny thing i wanted to do or have God gave it to me.
sometimes i feel that i'm so lucky to have all this coz i really worked so hard for it, but yet i still feel i've missed a big part of life..
maybe yes...i've missed alot of people in my life just because i'm afraid to the risk, i'm afraid to try and to lose my life. Elhamdolelah for all of this i know i'm so blessed, yet there is a huge gap inside my heart that still can't be fill.
it might be my fate to live my life alone, maybe that's y God wanted to make it up to me in another way.
Thank God for everything but i'll still have that little hope inside me =)

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