Saturday, October 13, 2012

Complete the jigsaw in me =)

Does the one always has to be like you? do we look for similarities in relationships?
i've been always searching for someone who can be exactly like what i love , hate what i hate. i thought that this could build understanding and harmony.
but the fact is, it will build boredom, life will be so boring and there will be nothing wont have the chance to discover each other, to share the things you like and the things he fight over things coz both of u want it their way and then someone gently compromise and sacrifices  with a huge smile on the face...
just a big jig saw, we complete each other instead of being like each other and make a pattern

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omni said...

similar is not good, i thought like you and i actually did meet at a point in my life someone like me in a way that we match in the pros and cons so it felt like we're a pair of shoes both are left CAN'T WALK it was boring and very annoying we get upset over the same stuff and everyone would expect the other to solve it ..etc would never work out...but instead contrast+harmony is what makes it really nice