Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Thoughts

My 1st clash with the real world is when I was 16 years old, i was young and thought that people are exactly like how my parents taught me.
I was shocked with reality knowing that most of them if not all of them are fake, typically like clowns with different faces and different moods and only the smart clowns are those who play their roles right infront of the others. My white page started to be spotted with black and every time I get exposed to the world these spots get bigger and bigger.
It was hard to see all of this and it was hard to hold on to my values in this grisly world. I struggled and still struggling trying to tell myself that I am right maybe I fed up of proving it to others but, I'm still holding it on to myself.
It feels like a small tiny fish in the ocean, I try to find my way out through this drama and mostly I just go round and round in circles with no end.
My mind is getting crazy, I wont be surprised if I ended up one day in a mental hospital, who knows maybe it’s the real world out there..  

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