Monday, June 11, 2012

my beloved

its been years now and still i cry liked i've i lost u yesterday. i wish u were here i wish u could c me and what i've become u would have been proud of me =).
i miss u with of my heart and i can't forget ur face...ur olive eyes and white hair...i miss ur smile and ur prayers for me before i'm up to something..
i miss how u defended me whenever my parents shouted at me =)
i miss spending Fridays in ur house where u perfectly cooked all our favorite food and bring us those 2 big bags tht were full of toys and games.
i hate to remember that day u passed away peacefully but i wouldn't bear to see u in an ounce of pain i'm sure u r in a perfect place because u were a perfect woman and perfect mother and an amazing grandma.
i miss u with all of my heart =' ) i love u grandma

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