Sunday, November 13, 2011

random thoughts

so far u r the only one who knows wht goes in my little heart, i can't reveal whts inside. maybe coz i don't find the words. i don't know how i feel. d i feel hurt? sad? all i know is tht i'm facing an emotional disturbance.
yesterday, i felt i was going to die and i just couldn't stop thinking about death all the time.
i'm  not afraid of death *i keep saying el shehada every now and then just in case*, i'm just worried of how am i going to die ?! in this year i've lost 2 of my good friends in 2 different accidents, and Sub7an Allah they ended up in completely 2 different ways.
The more i feel his love the more i feel that my end is coming. am i good enf to enter heaven??
i feel so exhausted , so helpless, i wonder when i'll close my eyes....and never wake up... 

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Anonymous said...

oh Lord, inalelah wa in-elahi-rage3on.
I don't know what to say, but I just want you to know that don't think you will you die, think what will you be doing if (insha'allah you die when you are 180years old). I hate to say(write it) don't think like this sunshine, please. death is the only thing we knnow for sure, maybe we have to worry about the thing we do to deserve a good death. and things in the incertain life. I think death of people die to make us remember, and get rid of older and move to the next step.
I hope it makes sense somehow.