Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm short and i'm proud!

yesterday i was supervising primary 2 in an english exam. i found a little cute nice gurl, she was putting her head btween her hands and with a big sad face on  her face, she was going to cry. i asked her whats wrong with u? but she didnt reply me bk. one of her friends came and told me tht one of the boy called her "SHORTY" during the break time and the others kept laughing at her coz she's short.
the teacher who was standing with me told her, just don't listen to them u know tht these boys r very silly. but the gurl was still upset.
i couldn't bear it the gurl was sooo cute and i really hated to c her sad. i went to her and sat on my knees, and i told her, "you c now i'm even shorter than u". she didn't react..." you know i've always been the shortest one among all of my friends, and they all envy me beacuse i did things tht they couldn't do!". i found her paying attention to my if she want to ask "oh really like wht?". i don't know wht or how did i thought of these words..but they just came out of me sponteniously...
"well, i used to hide from them easily...and i don't hit the trees while i'm walking". i know tht sounded silly, but she smiled as i acted it to her.
"u know i'm teaching IG up stairs and they all look like giants ! althought i'm their teacher but u can hardly notice me when i'm in the class with them!". almost all of the class laughed. then the little gurls started to tell her " there are gurls who r even shorter than u!", "i'm short and i'm happy!" and the postive comment kept going on..
i'm not sure if my words made the little gurl feel better,she had a big cute smile on her face :).


Anonymous said...

I am short and im proud too!
anyway im good in basketball and im short! i am unique from some of my friends! i like the fact that im short! :)
Thank God that i am really short! im 140 cm!
im so happy! hehe lol! :)

May El-Dardiry said...

I love it :)

May you always be a reason for putting a smile on people face :) JAK :)