Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can't sleep? humph

I wish i could know wht's wrong :(...i hardly sleep at night...i think i had an astral projection for 2 straight days....i wish i can know wht's really happening !
1st i fall deeply asleep then i feel tingles in all over my body and i feel paralised tht i can't move...can't open my eyes...can't say a word.
and if i succeeded in opening up my eyes i go bk to the same thing all over again..
when it happeneds i feel my whole body is too heavy and my heart beats start to b too fast ,i start to see transparent objects. i'm not sure wht r they..is it my body?
i just get really afraid...and feel as if i'm dying.
i wish someone can tell me wht is tht exactly :(.
this feeling is like bittersweet...it's too scary but i kinda don't want it to end


Purple Tomboy (Rahma) said...

yeah I had that feeling before.
it was so bad it was the same but I forced myself to sleep and I did succeed. Good Luck! :)

SunShine said...

thnx dear :) wish me luck !