Thursday, July 01, 2010

23 yrs ago...

23 yrs ago i came to this world, i wish i can remember my 1st days as a baby and how it felt like to open my eyes on many ppl smiling...
when i asked my mum why did they call me shams ?. she told me tht i was born with the sun rise and there was a song on the radio for farid el atrsh i guess called " shams el aseel" or something like my dad picked the name shams.
thank u dad :)
i didn't really expect to get so many happy birthday wishes. it was gr8 to see all these family and even my students, i loved the "happy birthday miss shams" ^^ i'll never express how it made me feel.
i admit being 22 was really gr8 i really loved it...i did many things.
-i joined one of the most great organizations AYB.
- there i knew many gr8 ppl i really respect and appreciate them all, so glad to call them..friends.
- i was a teacher of 19 cutie-devil kids...i'm so proud of them and i ADORE them.
-i finally joined the IG department and i think i finally found my way, although i struggled but i think i'll do gr8 isA.

i need to go to bed now.

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MaRaWaN said...

mabrook ya miss shams 3l events de :D
ya rab dayman tb2e f s3ada
btw u r lucky cuz of ur name situation
my mother dreamed of my name
before she sees a movie in the show(panorama franceya) the main character was arab and called(Marwan) :D :D
she told the whole issue 2 my dad who liked the idea and is the result :D