Saturday, March 27, 2010

Radom thoughts -11

Today was a very happy day :) elhamdolelah...i'm sooooo lucky to have such parents.

i can't believe i finally made a dream come true, i finally got a bike...a cute, purple, pinkish one..

i wasn't planning on buying any today, i was only going to pass by...but i saw it and was so in love's like it was calling me to buy her...*yes i treat my things as pets*.

many ppl told tht i'm too old to ride a bike in the streets and some of them even made fun of me...but they never knew how much i really love the feeling of getting back to childhood, the feeling of running fast and fast till i feel as if i'm flying. and the fresh air hit my face and flirt my hair.

i'm sry to tell u ppl...but i don't give a damn abt wht u say...i don't care if i'm a gurl or a boy...if i'm old or young...

it something tht makes me extremly happy...and tht wht really matter to me...

i love u my new bike...i love you u sushi *tht's wht i called her* :)


MaRaWaN said...

mabrook ya gameel el 3agala :)
wallahe mafee a7san mn el 3agal :D

Anonymous said...

Gr8 Bicycle....We 3agbni your point of view... :) :) ....Heya elhummer Zay Beta3teek dii se3rha kam delwa2ti??

I'm Don Omar @ slangOnline

SunShine said...

lol el hummer se3raha 475 LE :)

Marwan Yassin said...

Very liberal nice article, I want to start biking but it's too crowded we have here (Cairo).

btw, @MaRaWan your name is Marwan not Marawan.

MaRaWaN said...

@Marwan Yassin: I used 2 write my name like that, but for some reason which i don't remember...i started writing it in the current form
3l 3moom...aho kollo byemshe :D
ty 4 caring :)