Wednesday, December 02, 2009

the bouquet catcher

i love weddings! especially when it’s one of my close friends. when ever some one is getting married form my friends or family i just love to pop and hop and help the bride with everything. u’d say it’s more like the movie 27 dresses…

I've always dreamt of the greatest weirdest wedding ever and in every wedding i attend i add something from my dreamy fantasy wedding as if the wedding is mine…

however, when it comes to the time tht the bride throw her wedding bouquet and all the single ladies try to catch it, i stand at the very back or try to miss this event.

i don’t know but i never stand to catch the bouquet..maybe coz i dont like to catch up with the lady and fight over the flowers…or maybe coz i’m afraid of getting married, even though i dream of it but i still have a strange fear inside me,

it’s silly i know, the *catching the bouquet* has nothing to do with it, but if i ever really caught it i’ll feel i’m under the spot light as if it’s saying “hello guys there’s a single out here*.

and of course people will start talking ‘ ohhh rn’t u gonna get engaged?”

then if i got engaged they will go like “ ummm wht’s taking u so long when r u getting married”

then after marriage they’d probably say “ rn’t u pregnant ? don’t u think it’s time to get a baby?”…

lol and so on till ……..i don’t know !

actually if i ever caught the bride bouquet, i wish i’d find the one right infront of me…like fairy tales, where he appears out of the nowhere and we simply look into each other eyes deeply and dance together as we have known each other from long time ago…and walk together till we disappear from the crowd and sit and talk


yup i know i’m a dreamer but i enjoy my dreams


MaRaWaN said...

u know
i think that catching the bouquet is an attempt to fight the truth,just as catching air, but it's just 4 fun...
do it marra mn nefsek :)

MaRaWaN said...

على فكرة أنا لسه جايب مجلة إحنا
وقريت الموضوع بتاعك
أنا معاكى على طول الخط
مايبقاش ضربنى وبكى وسبقنى واشتكى
والله انا كمان عانيت من بتوع راية دول

SunShine said...

لا يا مروان دى مش شمس انا :) انا كاتبه موضوعين فى العدد بتاع ديسمبر اتمنى انك تقرأهم :)

MaRaWaN said...

اه مانا خدت بالى بس متأخر
أنا قريت الموضوعين بتوعك
بالذات بتاع الكورة
بصراحة عندك حق
وبصراحة أسلوبك وروعة كلامك شجعونى أطلب منك موضوع ما
ياريت تنورينى بشات صغير يوم الجمعة الساعة 7 ونص مساء
عشان عايزينك معانا فى جروب ع الفيس بوك
حرام الموهبة دى تضيع فى المدونات والمجلة بس

MaRaWaN said...

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