Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ramadan 2009

i can here the eid prayers from the window"Allahu Akbr...Allahu Akbr....La ilah ila Allah...." was one great ramadan , too bad it went too fast =(.
it was soooo chearfull and spiritual and so full of positivity...

- i went to E7na Iftar, i saw Marwa Rakha :)
- my 1st article was published
-i knew tht an old note will b published isA.
- i started my TEFL course.
- i was able to make a dear friend of mine happy (thank God)
- i was able to help a friend of mine in her career (thank God)
- i got closer to God.
- i'm much happier and thankfull elhamdolelah.
- i started to love myself a little bit.
- i over came some old stuff.
- i feel as if i'm starting a new year :) *3ala ra2y a dear a friend of mine*

i hope i remain like this forever isA.....ya rab thabetna :)

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Chaz-Lee said...

That's great, Sunshine... I wish you all the best in your life and career isA. :)