Friday, May 01, 2009

new blood joined earth

the little princess came few days ago, i was pretty much busy that’s why i was away for a big while.

she’s amazing,a cute little angel with a warm sunny face,i didn’t hold her yet *probably when she’s more few months old*

till now i only kiss her and sub7an Allah it kinda tickle my motherhood instinct.

i had an interview for another job…wasn’t surprise when i was nicely rejected..there r still loads of places on earth to search in.

we were preparing for our nursery graduation party..i was very tired but i missed tht feeling since colg..i missed the feeling of working all the day and go home to sleep like a dead person on my bed,then wake up in the early morning to go to work.

the party went pretty well, i never thought i’d miss the kids tht much,as they didn’t notice it was their final school day they couldn’t really say good bye.

i felt sad…when i came up to school the following day and found the class empty…couldn’t stop myself from crying..and i never thought tht only 2 month would make me feel so *it’s my stupid sentimentality again* i don’t think i’d ever stop being to attached to people..esp people i know tht they would leave soon and we might never see eachothers again.

i guess the following days would b pretty hard on me..i can feel it in me. i started having those qawloon’s pain again and ofcourse the usual fast heart beat and nose bleeding, nothing more than the normal except for being little bit angry.

i need meditation and a new hair cut..maybe it would make me feel better

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