Thursday, January 08, 2009

I think i made a hig score yesterday...i cried from 5:30 pm till 1am!...


david santos said...

I love your posting and blog!!!


Sionism terrorist, no!!!!!!!!!!

Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...

I agree it's a high score indeed.
But it's not the highest :) ettameni.

ربنا يزيل عنك الهم يا شمس
خلي بالك من نفسك شوية ومش تستسلمي لكدة. حاولي بجد

SunShine said...

lol thnx butterfly =)'s the highest score for me lol
but who knows maybe i'll even make a higher one soon
thx alot dear ur post made me feel gr8 =)
sometimes life can b so tough

thnx again...i bet ur one gr8 friend and rabena ye5aleki le kol ely by7boky