Saturday, November 29, 2008

how would it feel like..
when u read in the news tht someone died in a terrible accident.
u remain stunned for a while..and u find ur self crying...and u go like" oh! tht girl was my friend at school'
we weren't so close friends...but we were friends enough tht i still have some memories.
y do ppl keep talking even after the person's death?, y can't we realize tht it's not us who should judge, it's God ppl!!!!! so leave the judging alone... who we are to say tht this person deserves to die and tht person doesn't!

maybe she was good..and maybe she was bad, i don't care!...all i know is tht she was a human..a girl who went to my same school..and who was in my same class for 3 yrs.

انا لله و انا اليه راجعون
و حسبى الله و نعمه الوكيل

God rest ur soul heba...i'm praying for u with my heart


Anonymous said...

If it was a normal death or an oridnary accident i'm sure no one would have talked and i guess you would have never known aslan but ya shams that's a murder..ppl won't just accept the fact that somebody broke in to the girl's house and kill her keda men 3'eer sabab and ppl by nature are curious.Maybe it's some warning for some ppl who have girls with the same circumstances to take care of their children.
Rumors are naturally going to arise but the whole thing will soon be forgotten and the only ones who would remember are those who were truly influenced by them living and them gone,hopefully.

Allahom er7am mawtana w mawta al muslimeen.

SunShine said...

yes ppl r curious...but
الى ميعرفش يقول عدس!
and they talking abt them as if the deserved to die! no one ever deserves to die this way!... if it happened to anyone's child no matter how bad he or she was...they wouldn't like ppl talking abt their reputation like tht!
they don't realize tht they r talking abt a girl
they don't realize tht they r talking abt a dead person
and they don't realize tht they r talking abt someone who can b from their family or from their friend..
i wished i never knew from the news..i wished her few memories with me were left the way it was..