Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i feel stapped...i heard the most shocking thing in my life it hit me hard with a knife.i couldn't sleep since...
i can't stop thinking
and still dont know wht to do
i can't stop crying whenever i feel how paralised am i
i never felt so weak
never thought it would come to u....my best friend

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mohamed said...

alittle late of a reply =) but then again better than never, time has proven what i was going to say to you before,your friends wont ever go away ^^ anyone who knows you and leave would be plain stupid, and patience cam reveal many things, ^^ never say such things...stabbed,hit,hurt... but what i can't allow more than all is the cry, never cry specially about something that you are helpless about...when nothing can be done is the time when you should be proud the most,for just then you've lived to the fullest