Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Since I’ve been hearing the word “MARRIAGE” a lot lately , I decided that getting me wont be so easy =) yes I’m a girl and I’m precious at least for my family and friends .
It’s weird how’s almost everyone is telling me abt getting married , soulmates having kids and so on…everyone wants me to get married =D everyone brings to me a 3arees every now and then as if I’m taking a large space of their house !!!
Give me a break ppl I’m still not ready and still can’t find my mr. anonymous. I still need to focus on my 2nd term =D, then on my career..yes.. I need to be as ready as possible and feel tht I’m a grown up shewaya , at least have the ability to have my own source of living…
Anyways , as I said I wont let getting me be so easy, Mr anonymous should meet some important people before meeting my parents and these ppl r…

- my sisters and their husbands
- my best friends shahinaz and ahmed
- my godmother mero and my young sis injy
- my band brothers * islam , seif , Mohamed and shazly*
- my two cousins heba and manar
- my best friend ehab

coz these ppl r a part of my family and their opinion means a lot to me and I’m sure if anyone tried to break my heart…. =D hwa el 5asran ba2a. *kidding*

Then finally he can meet my parents =D.

About weddings…umm I didn’t really plane for it but I guess I’d prefer an Islamic wedding so I can take off the veil tht day =D * neyety we7sha shewaya bas it’s my wedding ba2a!!*
If not..then it’s gonne be very very veeeeeeeeeeeeery simple wedding with a violen zafa not all the noise with the drums , horses and so *I hate the very loud noise and probably wont be able to stand for like 10 hours !!!! high heals KILLS ME*
As for the honeymoon ummm I’m thinking to go for a 3omra or something???...ya3ni I care abt the honeymoon more than the wedding, maybe we’d go somewhere like Hawaii or Thailand it still can be sharm el she5 or somewhere in Egypt , Alexandria is cool too…or we can stick in a hotel we 5alas =D…ya3ni I only want it to be perfect..
Umm wht else…. I guess it’s all…

Allah yekon fe 3ono ely hydabes feya ba2a =D

=) wish me luck


The little evil sister (6) said...

Good thing we got mentioned there..Mero and I would be more that happy to inspec mr.lucky..better call him mr. lucky as not only he will be marrying our bestest best but he would be lucky that once in his life time he got to meet us (me and mero tab3an) well, i guess it's better to postpone introducing us till after the engagement =D

watch out monsieur anonymous it is not going to be easy when there's mero and I...hehehehe

Duon said...

I hope Mr Anonymous knows he's going to meet me too..

Don't worry, the dowry will be a million pounds.. I'm Mr Taunter

About marriage,parents tend to want to see their grand children as soon as possible.

Just like the saying ''3a2z El weld el weld el weld''

Just focus on your studies, & find a guy who is willing to encourage you on proceeding your future career.

Marry a chef :)

SunShine said...

hehee 7abibi u r gonna c him even b4 my parents =D dah shart asasy 3ashn lazem tewaf2o too

duon...i hoped u were here so u can c him too =) trust me u'd b in the list bas i know u might not be there bas maybe msn will solve this problem =D

Mohamed ElGohary said...

Tagged :)